CACH LLC is a debt collector who has purchased bad debt from previous creditors. If you have debt which has been “charged off”, this is considered bad debt for the original creditor because they feel they can no longer collect on the debt. Once the debt is charged off, it is generally packaged with other debt and sold to a debt collector, such as CACH LLC.

Having a debt charged off does not necessarily mean you no longer owe the debt. It means that the original creditor is no longer attempting to collect that specific debt. In this situation, CACH LLC, or another debt collector, will purchase the debt and pursue collection. The collection efforts can range from phone calls, letters, and eventually lawsuits.

CACH LLC files thousands of lawsuits every year. A lot of people sued by CACH LLC may not even recognize the company as one of their creditors. If you have been sued by CACH LLC, or any other creditor, contact us today for a FREE initial consultation. During the consultation, we will review the petition and explain your options.

If you have been sued, you generally have a few options within the lawsuit. If you fail to answer the lawsuit in time, CACH LLC may obtain a default judgment. Other options include filing an answer and defending the lawsuit. You may also be able to reach a settlement prior to trial.

We have years of experience defending debt lawsuits and assisting our clients deal with various debt collectors. Depending on your individual situation, we are able to recommend and file bankruptcy. Whether you are looking for debt negotiation, debt lawsuit defense, or bankruptcy, contact us today to review your options.