Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Services

We provide support to individuals interested in filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

We can help you obtain a discharge of your debts.

Many people are afraid to file bankruptcy due to the negative stigma associated with the process. There is a lot of misinformation about the long term effects of filing bankruptcy. One of the main concerns we notice is that people believe they will not regain credit for up to 10 years. In reality, bankruptcy provides people with a fresh start by eliminating their debt. You can begin rebuilding your credit immediately after your case is completed. By using good habits going forward, you can raise your credit score to the 700s within 2 years of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can also qualify for a mortgage 2 years after your case.

Our Chapter 7 attorneys in Houston, Texas have years of experience representing clients who file bankruptcy. Our goal is to make an overwhelming process understandable and seamless for our clients. During the initial consultation, we analyze your unique situation to figure out if bankruptcy is the right solution. We also make sure you qualify for a Chapter 7 by completing a “means test”.

Once a case has been filed, an “automatic stay” provides immediate protection from your creditors. This means all collection calls will stop. Also, any pending lawsuits or garnishment actions will stop. In most cases, you will only attend one short meeting with a Trustee appointed to your case. The typical Chapter 7 case will be completed about 3 to 4 months after the case is filed.

If you are interested in eliminating your debts, such as your credit cards, medical bills, and accounts in collections, contact us today.

Why Choose Us?

We are well-versed in bankruptcy law. We can help you analyze your individual situation to determine which type of bankruptcy is best suited for your individual needs.

We will be by your side for legal support through each stage of your bankruptcy law.

What Our Service Includes


Calculating the Means Test to determine your eligibility for Chapter 7.


Preparing the forms necessary to be filed with the Court.


Assistance with applying appropriate exemptions to protect your assets.


And more

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I call you if I need debt relief?
Yes, if you are considering filing for bankruptcy or consolidating your debt, contact us immediately.
2. Can I keep my car?
Yes, your car is exempt and you will be able to keep your car if you can afford to continue making the payments. We can go through your list of assets to determine which assets you own could be kept under Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
3. Can I keep my house?

Yes, your house is exempt as your homestead. You will be able to keep your house and continue making payments.

4. Will you contact my creditors?
Your creditors will be contacted when the bankruptcy case is filed. Once we have been retained, you can refer your creditors to our office and collection calls will stop going to you directly.

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