Our Mission

Our mission is to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with clients, while developing a reputation of excellence in our field and serving as good stewards of our profession and community.

Who We Are

Gordon Lusky LLP is based in Houston, Texas, hometown of the Firm’s founders and a city frequently praised for its diversity and vibrant business climate. We take a particular pride in working in a city with such deep ties to the oil industry. In many ways, “who we are” is shaped by “where we are”, and we feel very fortunate to be in Houston.

Our Firm’s founders have over 25 years combined legal experience, honing their skills working for larger law firms, as in-house counsel, for governmental agencies and on boards.

On-Demand Attorney

Our attorneys enjoy working on complex and high-stakes legal matters. We are accustomed to working under tight deadlines to get deals closed and disputes resolved in a cost-efficient manner. We are meticulous in our work product, measured in our advice, passionate in our advocacy but always adaptive to the needs of our clients.

We try to balance the edge that comes along with the high stakes nature of what we do by keeping a friendly and open office environment. Although the type of work we do might be described as “stuffy”, our Firm’s culture is a far cry from that. We bring a youthful, entrepreneurial spirit to the office that keeps our people energized to deliver great work.

What Sets Us Apart

We distinguish ourselves from other law firms in the market by the degree of personalized attention we give to all matters we undertake and our flexibility to mold to the particular needs of our clients.

Whether it is how we service our clients or how we bill them, we have abandoned the rigidness of the traditional law firm model in favor of one that is modern and adaptive.


All of our attorneys have been practicing law for over 12 years. You never have to worry about your matter being handed off to an inexperienced attorney.


Your point of contact will be an attorney. Your phone calls will not get screened by a receptionist or legal assistant. All of our attorneys have smart phones and carry them.


You will receive personalized, practical legal advice from business-minded attorneys. We appreciate that not all risks can be eliminated and that what people often need to make sound decisions is practical advice that takes into account more than just potential legal exposures. Being a business-minded attorney means having the ability to problem solve and accomplish objectives – not just the ability to spot issues.


We care about our clients. It might sound trite, but we generally find ourselves working with clients that we connect with on some personal level. While it is not a requirement to develop relationships with clients in order to do this job, it certainly makes our jobs more enjoyable and rewarding.

Who We Work With

We are honored to work with individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, public and private multi-national corporations and organizations of all sizes in between. We frequently work with internationally based companies such as in Canada, Mexico, India and Japan who have business interests in the United States.

Examples of types of clients we serve are oilfield service companies, drilling companies, oil and gas operators, technology companies, manufacturers, hospitality companies, logistics companies, financial services companies, real estate developers, scrap metal companies, investors, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Speak With An Attorney Today

Filling out this form does not create an Attorney-Client relationship with Gordon Lusky LLP. It is simply to put you in contact with our firm so that we can evaluate your potential matter. Do not provide any information that you consider confidential and would not want disclosed to third parties. If you would like to speak with us confidentially, please call us at 713-589-4822.